Julian Le Bas

Born in 1958, Julian Le Bas is a Sussex-based artist whose limpid paintings and robust charcoal drawings re-awaken a sense of our own physical embodiment, and emotional involvement, in the natural world.

Le Bas’ paintings and drawings are moving visible equivalents for the experience of weight and volume in light and space. He sees teaching as integral to his practice as a painter. He has exhibited widely and has works in private and public collections, including The Towner, Eastbourne, and Kent Institute of Art and Design.

For Le Bas, landscape is a live encounter and art, a reenacting of specific experiences, in paint or with charcoal on paper. Writing about him in the catalogue of his Towner show of 1990, Dennis Creffield hailed him as ‘The Lover and the Poet of The South Downs’ and said how hard it is to make authentic images of this land.

Through seeking to discover and convey his feelings about form, he aims to deepen his relationship with the subject matter. The process of painting and drawing  (within an inspired landscape) enables him to ignite and heighten his senses.

He exhibits his work regularly through St Anne’s Galleries, and has a forthcoming solo show in October 2017.  http://www.stannesgalleries.com

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