Edwige Fouvry

Edwige Fouvry’s highly textured landscapes and portraits of nudes contain cryptic qualities that beckon the viewer to move closer and study each informative detail. Based in both reality and the ethereal, they possess figurative and abstract elements.

“I found myself wanting to talk about the human inside nature, or nature as seen by the human mind. This body of work is always about emotions and always centered on humans,” says Fouvry

“I like to talk about vulnerability,” Fouvry says. “The nudes represent people and personalities directly, free from the clothes that were originally made to protect us.”

She works from the memory of photographs of family members that she shot during outings in the country and profile photos from dating websites. Her ideas also germinate from her mood, personal life, the people she meets and other artists’ paintings.

“I begin with a quick drawing and then let the painting find its own way. I concentrate intensely and try to find and follow this mysterious path that allows me to create something powerful,” the artist says of her process. “I try to strike the right balance between intuition, freedom, construction and color harmony. Total freedom helps me get in touch with emotions and memory, but rational thinking helps equilibrate the forces on the canvas. The paintings could be called ‘mental images.’ ”

As to what appeals to her about painting and drawing, Fouvry says, “That the art is mysterious. I need it to express what I have in mind, and I need it to feel comfortable with myself.”

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