Gestural Abstraction with Rebecca Meanley

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About The Course

18th & 19th November | 10am – 4pm | 2 days | Oils | Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced 

This Masterclass is based in the area of Abstract Painting focusing on the role of mark-making and gesture. Within this sphere of practice we will consider the formal elements of painting in detail: colour, line, mark, gesture, touch, accumulation of matter and surface, depth, space and composition and how all these elements function in relation to your evolving painting practice.

We will examine the concept of rhythm, movement and pace and ask what might influence our mark-making – where does gesture come from? What does it imply? Does gesture have the power to channel ‘forces’ or convey experience, express emotion or feeling? Or is it purely formal, a relationship between matter and surface, mark and depth? We will consider the relationship between gesture, rhythm and movement and the influence of music or sound and the natural rhythms of the environment.

We will explore indeterminacy, intuitive and improvised approaches to painting in contrast to the predetermined, considering whether it is still possible to be spontaneous and immediate. In examining our PROCESS – do we plan and devise what we are going to do before hand or are our methods intuitive and instinctive?

Are we following a particular process? Finally we will explore the concept of chaos in painting and how we might plunge into chaos in the pursuit of composition and a potential encounter with sublime sensation in the experience of painting itself.

This Masterclass is designed to free you up, challenge you to expand, experiment and navigate new territory and take you right outside of your comfort zone!

About The Tutor

Rebecca Meanley

Rebecca Meanley received an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art in 2003, having previously studied at Nottingham Trent University and Glasgow School of Art. Rebecca lives and works in London and exhibits internationally; she is also Senior Lecturer in Fine Art part-time at the University of Bedfordshire. Her primary practice as a painter incorporates drawing and writing and uses photography as a continual archival process.

About The Venue

Trinity Buoy Wharf

‘Great tutors, friendly hosts and fab locations, and everytime I go I meet a bunch of lovely new friends. I cannot recommend The New School of Art enough. Keep up the great work and Thank you.’ – Abigail 2017

Our London HQ at Trinity Buoy Wharf is the School’s permanent home, forming part of the creative quarter of London’s Docklands. The small but perfectly formed first floor studio overlooks the Thames and across to the Millennium Dome, with far reaching views and surrounded by a lively creative community.

With plenty of natural light our well equipped studio is a wonderful place to paint in and with lots of outside space this location works well for plein air painting also.


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Price: £275.00 Date: 18th November 2017 Location: London Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Medium: Oil