• 10am – 4pm | Oils | August 29th | Lunch included ‘This was a fascinating landscape course en plein air, which was really inspiring. The briefing and demonstrations were extremely helpful and constructive help was given by our tutor, Julian Le Bas, throughout the day. The crit of all the work at the close rounded off a very informative and incredibly enjoyable group experience.' - April 2017 This course will be a wonderful opportunity to work outside in the famous Griffin Inn two acre gardens over looking the incredible view of the 'Sussex Serengeti'. We will be working directly from the inspiring landscape subject matter. The aim is to experience and convey key forms and atmosphere through observational painting. Encouragement will be given to create unity of composition, a sense of scale of land forms and the sky. Practical demonstrations and one to one tuition will enable progression. An end of session collective display of the work made, will be discussed in a friendly and relaxed approach. All abilities welcome, preferable for participants with some ‘plein air’ painting. Includes a delicious locally sourced two course alfresco lunch. Pay full amount or deposit. Balance due no later than 4 weeks before the course starts. See Terms and Conditions for full details.

    Landscape Painting with Julian Le Bas

    £120.00 29th August 2018 | 1 Day
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  • SUITABLE FOR ALL LEVELS | Thursdays | WEEKLY 10am – 1pm | 8 WEEK TERM 10am - 1pm | September 6th - November 1st  | October 4th – HALF TERM BREAK This is the perfect course for beginners, for those who would like to improve their basic skills or are new to oil painting and for more experienced and advanced painters.  Students will enjoy a structured course, enabling them to learn about colour, tone, texture and form. There will be opportunity to work on still-life, landscape and figure painting. Classes will be studio based with occasional landscape painting en plein air, if the weather is suitable. Models will be present for the classes on figure painting. Beginners and more advanced students welcome. 10am – 1pm Balance due no later than 6 weeks before the course date, see Terms and Conditions for full details. If you would like more information on this course or to ask Camilla a question, please contact us via the form below or email
    Dairy Studio Old Malling Farm Lewes BN7 2DY cannon_camilla_sarah

    Oil Painting with Camilla Cannon

    £240.00 06th September 2018 | 8 week term
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  • 10am – 4pm | Oils | September 15th & 16th Robert Dukes studied at Grimsby School of Art followed by the Slade. He paints mostly still-lifes, and transcriptions of other paintings. In addition to solo exhibitions at Browse and Darby (2005, 2008 and 2011) he features regularly in the RA Summer Show. He also lectures at The National Gallery. This course is a fantastic opportunity to gain knowledge from a highly regarded and incredibly talented practicing artist. Students will be encouraged to draw with pencil for the first 45 minutes to “get their eye in” and as a way of deciding on the composition of their painting. The rest of the two days will be spent working on a painting of the model’s head. Students will be asked to consider how the head relates to its surroundings. Individual tuition will be given with an emphasis on colour mixing and understanding tonal relationships. The course will take place in the well equipped studio at our London HQ Trinity Buoy Wharf, students will enjoy lots of natural light and views of the Thames. Pay full amount or deposit. Balance due no later than six weeks before the course starts. See Terms and Conditions for full details.

    Painting The Head with Robert Dukes

    £275.00 15th September 2018 | 2 Days
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  • 3 Days September 20th 21st & 22nd | OILS ‘The tuition was excellent, with lots of new ways of looking and approaches to painting. I learnt a lot which I can use in my own practice’ – Caroline Smith The course will be an exciting opportunity to be tutored by a New English Art Club member and a highly inspirational artist. To start Louise will introduce her work, and outline her way of working. Throughout the weekend there will be a focus on learning to loosen up, and the importance of working quickly and directly. Students will draw outside (weather permitting) and create studies using oil on paper, concentrating on simplifying impressions and identifying the main visual ideas. We will then begin to work on a painting, or maybe more than one. There will be a critique at lunchtime on the second day. Students will move between drawing outside and painting as they prefer, and Louise will provide one-to-one tuition and help as they work. Some of Louise’s own work and sketchbooks, together with information about other relevant artists, will be available as reference and from which to draw inspiration and knowledge. Includes good coffee and refreshments. 10am – 4pm all three days Pay full amount or deposit. Balance due no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of the course, see Terms and Conditions for full details.
    1340 120x110cm

    Landscape Painting Masterclass with Louise Balaam NEAC

    £300.00 20th September 2018 | 3 Days
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  • October 4 & 5th | Oils This Portrait Painting Masterclass will begin with a brief introduction from Tim Benson about the philosophy behind his style of work as well as the choice of materials he uses. Students will be asked to undertake some small, quick oil sketches. Each sketch eliminating the need for detail, rather concentrating on the basics of form, tone and colour. Later in the day there will be more sustained poses which will continue into the second day, where students will have the chance to consolidate the ‘loose’ approach on a larger scale, retaining the painterly language and avoiding the impulse to add detail. At the end of the second day there will be a one-on-one critique/discussion of student’s work. Pay full amount or deposit. Balance due no later than six weeks before the course date, see Terms and Conditions for full details.
    16-18 Heneage Street London E1 5LJ lkjnh

    Portrait Painting Masterclass with Tim Benson VPROI

    £275.00 04th October 2018 | 2 Days
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  • November 30th & December 1 & 2nd | Oils An exciting and inspiring course with a member of The Royal Society of Portrait Painters and New English Art Club. This three day intensive portrait painting masterclass will look at the fundamentals of creating a meaningful and eloquent portrait. Working from the model in our north light filled studio at The Rag Factory. Andrew will offer technical and theoretical tutorage. An opportunity to gain from a highly regarded and successful practising artist. The Masterclass will start with a demonstration by Andrew from the model. Pay full amount or deposit. Balance due no later than 6 weeks prior to the course date, see Terms and Conditions for full details.
    16-18 Heneage Street London E1 5LJ IMG_4431

    Portrait Painting Masterclass with Andrew James RP NEAC

    £300.00 30th November 2018 | 3 Days
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  • Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th December 2018 | 10am – 4pm | 2 Days | Oils Taught by Slade trained artist Ann Gardner, who rarely teaches in UK, this 2 day Masterclass is an exceptional treat and opportunity to gain knowledge from a practicing artist who was taught by Euan Uglow, Lucien Freud, Patrick George, William Coldstream and Cragie Atchinson. The main objective of this 2 day course is to teach the students how to paint a 'head' or a three dimensional object in space onto a two dimensional surface i.e. the picture plane, the surface of a canvas. There are many ways to approach this, using light source and tonality, comparative measurements and flat pattern making. Ann Gardner will explain these approaches clearly to each student and work closely with them as they paint. She will also teach how to handle the materials, how to mix colour and to draw with it building up the image. Through out the course Ann will be referring to artists notably Cezanne, Rembrandt, Titian and other great painters, suggesting paintings that will help students,  can easily be viewed in for The National Gallery London and further afield. The overall object is for students to learn how to look - not to create a fleeting likeness but to tap into and contain reality. To learn and understand the building blocks of painting and drawing. All the approaches that will be taught can be used in all aspects of future paintings, landscape, still life and abstract work. Pay full amount or deposit. Balance due no later than 4 weeks before the course date, see Terms and Conditions for full details.
    The Paddock Art Stusio Paddock Lane Lewes BN7 1TW IMG_3758

    Painting The Head with Ann Gardner

    £275.00 08th December 2018 | 2 Days
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